Sunday, November 3, 2019

Apple Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Apple - Case Study Example In fact, the first Apple computer, the Apple I was late for its much anticipated launch due to improvements that were deemed to assist the end-user but were eventually costly. Apple Inc. dropped its computer name to embrace the new consumer electronic market the Company was indulging in. Since 2007, the company’s business model has shifted from a computer manufacturer to include other electronic consumers’ products. Such products include: the iPod, which was first, launched in 2001. The name change was then realized in 2007 when Apple launched the iPhone. The iPhone combined the iPod and a phone and thus marked a transition period for the Company. Over the years, Apple Inc has come up with more products besides the computers. These include the iPad and most recently, the Company just launched the latest version of iPhone 5. The Company’s strategy revolves around Apple’s ability to design and develop its own operating system, software and hardware that are user friendly (Marino, Hattaway and Jackson 150). What are the economic segments and characteristics of the PC industry? According to porter’s five forces, the competitive rivalry within an industry proves to be the most restrictive economic force in the PC industry. On the other hand, the threat of new entrants may be the weakest force due to the large amount of capital required for investment in the industry. The other three forces include: the bargaining power of suppliers, the bargaining power of consumers and threat of substitute products. What is the competition like in the PC industry? The PC industry is an attractive industry due to the huge sums of marks realized however, a Company has to invest a lot of capital and has to be innovative to survive. For Apple’s case, the PC industry is an attractive industry for the firm due to their continuous innovation and massive revenue. As of the year 2008, Apple Inc was the

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