Thursday, December 26, 2019

Changing Information Technology Management Free Essay Example, 5000 words

In essence, the strategies of our business and the technology that was chosen to incorporate must be aligned and in sync with one another. It should be noted that I am not discussing a move towards the management of information systems. Such a process involves the automation of various pieces of technology, which is something that our team will not be dealing with. Instead, our task is to determine how to take the very best that the information technology field currently has to offer and seamlessly integrate that into the scheme of our business that is Magnum Enterprises. Initially, our primary focus should be on educating ourselves and department managers about the value that technology creates for us. As I mentioned, technology can either make our life easier or more difficult depending on we choose to incorporate it into our existing business model. If an existing system is working properly and is relatively up to date, there would be no need to integrate a new piece of technolog y into the equation that might realistically result in the loss of manpower during the transition stage. We will write a custom essay sample on Changing Information Technology Management or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Couple that with the need for more training just to integrate a new piece of software or hardware, particularly when what we were currently utilising fit our needs just fine, would, in the end, prove counterproductive. It will be the role of our team to not only look for ways to use technology to enhance our overall productivity as a company but also to ensure that redundancy does not creep in. We will strive to not incorporate new information technology into our current mix unless it can be proven to be seamlessly integrated and provide us with a positive impact in the long run (Benamai, 2007). If these cannot be assured, then we will continue to look elsewhere until we find what we are looking for. The value of our team will be noticed at Magnum when we can highlight to all employees the many ways that technology creates fustian between both the internal and external environments existent throughout our organisation.

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